Kickin’ Into the New Season

Carter Hill, Sports Writer

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Soccer season is just beginning and there are a lot of new faces on this year’s team. 

DJ Taylor, a sophomore at Canton Academy, has a lot to say about this year’s soccer season.

“Yeah I am pretty excited actually, I’m ready to see what my teams about and ready to get out there and start striking goals!”

Last year the team had a great goalkeeper.

Colson Lambert, a graduate from Canton Academy and Canton Academy Soccer teams goalkeeper last year, said “ I loved being the goalie for the team, it really showed me that I can help my team out in tough situations and other things like that.”

Colson says that he will be attending all the Canton Academy soccer games, even away games. The first game of the season is on November sixth and the team is already beginning to prepare for it, Taylor was asked how he was preparing for the new soccer season, “Well, I’m running a whole lot, eating right, lifting weights, getting stronger and faster.”

The practices for this new soccer season have been tough. Evan Welch, sophomore, said, “Just practicing hard and just getting ready and getting in shape for the season.”

Even though soccer is a tough, hard working sport that requires a lot of determination, it’s still a great sport to play and even more at big CA.

Libby Ozborn, soccer player for Canton Academy, was asked if she was excited for the new soccer season, “I am very excited because we get new uniforms and we have new seniors stepping up.”

The soccer team did get some new faces to the team including Taylor Rosemond, Scarlett Follin, and Matthew Gallaway. 

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Carter Hill is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes being active, playing soccer, and acting. He dislikes...

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Kickin’ Into the New Season