Panthers smashed a car but fell short on the field

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On Thursday night, October the 18th, 2018, the CA Panthers held a community wide pep rally, bon fire and car smash at 6:00 pm behind the field house prior to  the game against Heritage Academy.

In 2015 when CA held  the pep rally, bon fire and car smash the Panthers beat the Rebels the next day.  In 2016 CA could not hold the pep rally, bon fire and car smash because the city of Canton and Madison County were under a burn band.

At this pep rally the football players and the cheerleaders participated in smashing an old car.

In 2015,  the old car was provided by Mrs. Pam Moore’s husband.

This year the car was provided by Mr Stephen Reams, Jr High Cheer Sponsor, Mary Morgan Reams husband.

We were not allowed to have any liquids or any glass in the car.

Everyone enjoyed getting to spray paint fun things on the car and smacking it with a sledge hammer.

Everyone in the community was invited to attend this pep rally.

The Canton Academy 2018 cheerleaders did some cheers along with the “Hey Song”.  

Varsity Cheer Sponser Michelle Carter invited the National Guard to come be a part of the community wide pep rally, bon fire and car smash.  The National Guard provided serveral different games for the football team and cheerleaders to enjoy. One thing Mrs. Carter had requested was that they bring a Humvi  to the pep rally.

Mrs. Carter was very excited about this pep rally and she said  “It’s gonna be a big fun pep rally for our last regular season game”

When asked if she thinks it will affect the way the football players play she responded with, “Well I hope it does because that’s the whole point of a pep rally.”

Will Anderson, middle line backer  and tight end did not think that the bonfire pep rally was gonna affect the way that they played.

Anderson said “ we have been challenging ourselves all week in practice and working hard that is what is going to determine the outcome of the game.”

Hunter Massey, defensive tackle did think the pep rally was going to  affect the way that they played and he said “yes the pep rally was pretty lit.”

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Panthers smashed a car but fell short on the field