Should Home Economics be a new class at CA

Alijah Otis, staff writer

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Home economics is about cooking and other household management.
This any important aspect in the future.
This will teach you how to cook and clean, also better your ability to take care of yourself when you are off on your own.
Some periods like art and math lab should be changed to Home Economics.
It also can teach you about how to be an adult and care for yourself.
It teaches you in many ways such as learning how balance checks and more.
An example of how it can help in the future is woman can cook for their husbands and men can cook for their wife if they are sick.
Home economics is taught in many high schools all around, it is also called different names such as family and consumer science.
Really home economics teaches you how to be ready for life when you grow up.
It is important to know how to take care of yourself now because parents aren’t always home with dinner ready like they used to be.

Home economics introduces healthy food because our generation now is getting overweight.
Fast food places are taking over the food industry.
Most kids love it and their parents do not see the bad, they might just be in rush and need something quick so their child won’t starve.
Not only cooking is important cleaning is as well.
Now days kids leave their room a dirty mess and Home Economics helps give children a responsibility to clean up after themselves.
In the end parents mostly clean it up.
Home economics teaches how to clean and more cleaning tips.
Facts show most people that took home economics ended up being a product development specialist, and successful in life.

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Alijah Otis, Staff Writer

Alijah Otis is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes fishing and outdoor activities. He hates people talking...

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Should Home Economics be a new class at CA