Fall Festival comes to CA

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 The Fall Festival is loved by students of Canton Academy and everyone looks forward to having it.

The CAPA of the school which stands for Canton Academy Parents Association are in charge of setting up the whole festival.

The festival is normally held on a Tuesday of October, either the 16 or 17.

If you are a student at Canton Academy and you want something to do during the month of October come to the Fall Festival or other known as the Harvest Festival.

The Harvest Festival is a fun event and a bunch of people come to it even though they don’t attend Canton Academy.

The Harvest Festival has a lot of activities that kids enjoy inside and outside.

The students claim that this year’s festival was the best so far thanks to the Canton Academy staff, parents, and students. 

The people who set up the Harvest Festival add bigger and better things each year.

Last year they held the festival outside, it was so cold and this year due to weather it was held in the gym.

Also the festival can also be used for community service hours, students have to have certain amount of community service hours to pass high school to go to college the festive is a great fun way to earn them.

The Harvest Festival has a lot of activities from inflatables and carnival games, to bull-riding and hayrides.

The most popular game this year was the game where you have to throw the football through a little tiny hole.

The Haunted Hayride is held by the senior and you get on a trailer hooked up to a tractor and ride around the school and the seniors try to scare you.

The festival this year added something new because of mud, they could not do a Haunted Hayride.

The seniors made a Haunted House in the high school building and screams could be hear all over Canton.

So overall the Harvest Festival was a success this year, Canton Academy can’t wait for next year.

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Fall Festival comes to CA