Why people miss school to hunt

Jack Ferguson, Staff Writer

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Hunting has always been important to the students at Canton Academy because it is apart of our heritage and it’s been in our family forever.

In hunting there is this thrill that you don’t get in a sport or anything else.

When you wake up that morning to see the  sun come up and the world wake up in front of you it’s better than going to school and working bell to bell for 7 classes.

During the first part of deer season it is bow season and to me bow season is much  harder challenge to kill a deer, because there is so much that has to go write to even see a deer.  

After the first part of bow season on November 3 gun season starts and that’s when a lot of people like to hunt because it is cold outside and if we are lucky we will get snow and the deer will really move around.

During about the middle of gun season you have a thing called the rut and that’s the mating period of the deer season and that’s when the big bucks start to move, and that’s when students miss most of  school.

It gets you excited and that’s why us hunters go back hunting again and again.

It’s the thrill of the hunt and the kill that strives student hunters to skip school to go and hunt on a school day.


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Jack Ferguson, Staff Writer

Jack Ferguson is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is staff writer at The Panther Post. He likes to hunt, fish, and ride around in the mud. He would like...

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Why people miss school to hunt