Students weigh in on PSAT

Logan Lolley, staff writer

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The PSAT was taken last week on a Wednesday and was taken by Juniors and sophomores in honors english. The test was three hours long and the students got one break for thirty minutes. The test consisted of english and math, the students took english first and math last.

Was the test worth taking?

Molly Patrick said, “ It wasn’t worth taking but it was good to prepare for the SAT.”

“Most people didn’t want to take this test” said Miller Burnside, junior.

Burnside said he didn’t think he should have taken it because he doesn’t plan on going to an out of state college.

Patrick said, “Planning on going to an out of state college made the test helpful.”

Were the tests hard?

Burnside said, “ Yes the questions were hard at some points.”

Patrick said, “Sort of but it was easy because I’ve taken the Standardized Achievement Test before.”

Most students said that the test wasn’t really worth taking so they just guessed on hard questions.

What subject was harder?

Burnside said, “Math was probably the hardest out of the two because I saw problems i’ve never seen before.”

Patrick said, “The English was easy because I am good at reading comprehension but the math was really hard.”

This was the same for everyone because most people ended up struggling with the math.

There were problems that most students haven’t seen before.

What section do you think you did the best on?

Patrick said, “Probably the Comprehension because I generally do well on that kind of stuff and it just felt the easiest to me.” The english to most students wasn’t that hard of a subject seeing that there were 2 sections in the english and 2 sections in the math.

Burnside said, “ Whatever the second part of the english was the easiest because it just clicked and I knew how to do it. It seems that all of the students were saying that the english was always the easiest.

Did you prepare for this test if so how?

Patrick said, “ I didn’t really prepare for the test most of all the other students didn’t either because it was so short notice so most people just went in and took it.

Burnside said, “I mean no I didn’t prepare for it because it was just a practice test so I didn’t really care too much but I didn’t really have to because the test was a breeze.” The students all said that they were miserable when they took this test because it was so long and when they got done with it, it was a relief.

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Students weigh in on PSAT