Sickness Around School

Hunter Pigott, Panther Post Staff Writer

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Sickness has been breaking out around the school since the end of september.

The breakout has been bad this year and it has started early too.

May different types of sickness have broken out such as the flu and strep throat.

There has been more cases of the flu then strep throat though.

This year the Flu broke out early this year which it usually doesn’t.

Everything is early this year such as spring was early, summer weather was early.

Students are missing school and not having time to correct what they missed.

They come back to school and have missed so much work that it is just piled up on them all day long and may go on for a week.

After missing school some of them miss test which they don’t have much time to study for when they come back to school.

They end up having trouble learning new stuff that is taught while they are gone.

This leads to them struggling with school and end up having a bad grade in a class that they had a good grade in at first.

There has been more cases of sickness this year so far than there has been in a long time.

When I went to the doctor the doctor herself and the people at the front desk were saying that this year was one of the worst years.

Pollen this year is worse than it has ever been in a long time.

The doctor also said that spring pollen is still going and fall pollen is going to so there is two pollens at once which is giving people major sinus stuff.

I have had sinus stuff since the beginning of of september and i still have it i can’t get over it.

It just keep coming back even after everything i do.

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Sickness Around School