Seniors and elementary buddies up

Kendall Calloway, Staff Writer

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There is a tradition at Canton Academy where the seniors and first graders get together and do fun activities and go on field trips.

This tradition is known as Senior Buddies that starts in August.

Each senior gets one first grader to take on these trips and do these activities with.

Pamela Moore is the overseer of senior buddies and is in charge of booking activities and making sure they have the material they need in order to do these fun activities.

When Kate Bowen, Senior, was asked what her favorite part about senior buddies is, she said “I love getting to hang out with the younger kids and getting to know them. I love kids it’s fun to be around all of them.”

The senior buddies helps both the seniors and the first graders.

The seniors can communicate with the first graders and just have fun with them.

The first graders can have fun hanging with the seniors and running around with them.

This helps both parts of senior buddies to communicate with two opposite sides of school: the kids just starting school, and the ones about to end.

This year in order for the first graders to find their senior each of the first graders and seniors had pictures of animals, and then they got to color in the pages together and enjoy donuts and juice.

The first graders had to find their matching animal (senior).

They had snacks and got to hang out and get to know each other.

During the second meeting the seniors help make homemade noise makers with different colored paper on them for the first graders to use during the pep rallies.

These are just a few of the fun activities that the seniors and first graders get to enjoy.

When Kate was asked why senior buddies was so important, she says “I think it’s important so the younger kids have an older buddy and a roll model in some cases.”

That is yet another reason senior buddy helps the first graders.

They can be a great role model to the first graders in the way they act and just in general having fun with them.

The seniors get to learn how to have fun with younger kids, and it is easy for the seniors that already love kids.

The senior buddies meet once a month and do activities that are fun and easy for both the first graders and seniors.

Moore says that her favorite part about senior buddies is “I really enjoy seeing the young kids develop a relationship with their senior buddies. They start out very unsure, but very quickly they get to know and look forward to seeing their seniors. They run up to them and hug them or say hi anytime they see them at school.”

Senior buddies builds relationships and helps get seniors and first graders out of their comfort zone in order to make a new friend.

Senior buddies is not just about having a fun time, although that’s part of it, it is also about building relationships.

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Seniors and elementary buddies up