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Eli Madison, Sports Editor

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Friday October 12, the Canton Academy Panthers won their homecoming game against the St. Joe Bruins.

The Panthers beat the Bruins by putting up a solid performance with 26 points, while only allowing 13 from St. Joe.

Before the game, people participating in the halftime homecoming ceremony had to take many pictures before they could go to the game and participate.

Carter Hill who participated as homecoming court for the tenth grade said, “ before we got to the field we took a lot of pictures at the country club then went to the game.”

After all the people in the halftime ceremony had been announced, it was then time to announce Homecoming Queen. It was between Leah Brooke Irby, Jenson Williams, and Kate Bowen to win the contest.

Jenson Williams had the most votes and was announced as homecoming queen at the game.

The Bruins started the game with a kickoff to the Panthers. Senior Josh Humphries returned the kick for about 30 yards, getting all the way to the 40 yard line.

The Panthers begin their drive with a couple of pass plays and a run. The Panthers are quickly locked up on their first drive and are forced to punt the football.

The Bruins let the punt roll to their 15 yard line and start their first drive.

The Bruins begin their first drive which goes very well. They drive down the field running the ball over and over for big yardage gains. They get into Panther territory and end up scoring a touchdown. They make the extra point to make the score 7-0 with the Bruins in the lead.

The Bruins kickoff to the Panthers and Josh Humphries returns the kick again. Josh has an exceptionally good return and gets all the way to the Bruins 30 yard line with his kick return!

Unfortunately after Josh returns the kick the Panthers are quickly shut down. They are not able to get a first down and are forced to punt the football.

The Bruins call fair catch and began their first drive. Their drive starts very well again with a lot of momentum driving down the field. They get all the way to the Panthers 40 but the Panthers force a Bruins punt to get back on offense.

The Panthers are unfortunately quickly stopped and forced to punt right back to the Bruins.

The second quarter begins during the Bruins drive down field. This drive isn’t nearly as good as the last two and the Bruins are forced to punt very quickly.

The Panthers start their next drive from the 50 yard line and attempt a trick play on the third play of the drive with Freshman Dakota Jordan throwing a long pass to Senior Shelby Johnson. Unfortunately Johnson dropped the ball making it incomplete and the Panthers are forced to punt.

With the Bruins back on offense, they struggle getting down field and end up throwing an interception to Sophomore Ty Townsend but unfortunately it was called back due to a flag.

After the flag the Bruins start to make their way down field making to the 50 yard line but are stopped by the Panthers and forced to punt.

The Panthers have an solid drive down field with Dakota Jones running the ball for a 25 yard gain but are stopped around the 50 yard line.

After the Panthers punt they play very good defense against the Bruins and get the ball right back.

On the Panthers next drive they make it down field very easy and throw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Christian Rainer. The Panthers attempt a PAT but come up short with the score being 7-6.

The Bruins get the ball and attempt to make it down field but the second quarter ends and it is halftime.

The Panthers kick off to the Bruins to begin the second half of the football game.

The Bruins are stopped early on their drive and are forced to punt. The Panthers get the ball back but after a couple of plays they quickly turn it back over.

The Bruins are once again forced to punt to the Panthers but quickly get the ball back after a short offensive series by the Panthers.

The Panthers punt and the Bruins have a good drive down the field. While on their drive down field the 4th quarter begins. On the Bruins great drive they get in Panther territory and score a touchdown but miss the extra point making the score 13-6.

The Panthers return the kickoff from the Bruins and start a good drive that includes a lot of passing plays. They make it past the 50 but are forced to punt.

After the Panthers punt they play very good defense and force the punt very early and start another drive.

On the first of the drive Quarterback Nick Foreman throws a good pass to Shelby Johnson that goes for a huge gain on the play.

The Panthers continue the momentum and right after the huge gain they throw another deep pass to wide receiver Dakota Jordan that gets them on the 1 yard line.

Shortly after this, Ty Townsend runs the ball in for a touchdown making the score 13-13 after the panthers make the PAT.

The Panthers play very good defense and force the punt again.

On offense the Panthers look to be struggling but Quarterback Nick Foreman makes a clutch throw to Christian Rainer for a huge gain to get into Bruin territory.

Right after this the Panthers throw a touchdown pass to Will Anderson to make the score 19-13 with the Panthers in the lead.

The Panthers kick off and when back on defense Cornerback Josh Humphries intercepts the ball for a pick six and the extra point is made to make the score 26-13!

The Pick from Josh closed out the game with the final score being 26-13. The Panthers play Heritage Academy for their final regular season game next Friday.

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