Peter Pan Retelling

Hannah Dill, Guest Writer

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Hannah Dill

One night Peter and I were winding through the thick clouds above the great big city of London. We came across this beautiful house. It was lit with gleaming crystal chandeliers and inside was a hopeful child sleeping in her bed. Each piece of sheet was tucked on every corner. So Peter and I peeked through the foggy glass of the bedroom window. What we saw was a ferocious, humongous, fury (kind of cute, but still super scary) beast of an animal. It was what you humans call a dog. So I leaned closer to Peter “my true love” for some relaxation (cause if you saw his blonde floppy mop of hair and his dark green soulful eyes…oh man, you would feel relaxed too. He was staring at the girl inside.

This made my face turn tomato red so I smacked him as hard as I could which to him felt the same as someone stabbing him with a toothpick but he knew what I meant. Peter opened the paint encrusted window, and we flew in as sneakily as we could. I knocked over the child’s old antique music box and it broke! To our amazement she wakes up as if she had been shocked from a deep sleep.  Whilst still in shock, she drags her weighted body out of the big luxurious bed and gets one glimpse of me and Peter.


“I am Peter Pan!  You may have heard of me before. I have a big reputation around here. By the way I am sorry about your music box. I am sure my friend is super sorry,” Peter exclaimed while flipping his golden locks.

“And I am Tinker Bell.  My friends call me Tink so you can call me Tinker Bell. I am not apologizing for diddly squat – that thing was UGLY!” I remarked dryly.

“Hi, I am Wendy and I cannot believe you guys. You are rude and just waltzed up in my room. Now tell me why you’re here,” she demanded.

“We are here to take you to Never Land! It is a magical place were kids never grow old and they can stay a kid forever. We will fly you there. It is my favorite place in the galaxy,” Peter described.

“Well, I don’t know if my mom will like me being gone so long and in another galaxy.  I mean…I have to go to school tomorrow,” Wendy states.

“It will only be one night. You will be back by sunrise. Plus, you have to meet the Lost Boys,” Peter negotiated.

“Well, I guess one night would not hurt,” Wendy agreed.

So Peter and I sprayed Wendy in glitzy pixie dust made from wild maracas trees in Never Land. Now, we were off on a skyscraping adventure!

I overhear chit chat coming from Peter and Wendy so I might have gotten a little jealous.  Anyways, I pushed on her unsteady back which sent her falling towards death’s door. If it wasn’t for Peter who came to that little brat’s rescue and saved her, the story might have happily ended here. Sometimes I just get so annoyed by his heroicness.

When they caught their breath, we continued on our journey through the dark clouds of London. To get to Never Land you take one jump, a hop, and skip through three black holes and you’re there. You will know you’re there when you see a green, blue, and pink ocean with beautiful mermaids diving in and out of it, and gorgeous elks prancing on the beaches.

Once I see land, I fly at the speed of dust towards the Lost Boys’ Archery range. I land on the nearest Lost Boy’s shoulder, pointed at Wendy, and whispered into his small elfish ear.

“Ron, do you see that huge flying elk in the sky? Shoot it.  I am afraid it will land on one of our well-crafted cottages,” I gently persuaded.

“Whatever you say, Tink” said Ron.

He pulled back the string of the bow, aimed, and let go.

“Lost Boys never miss a target,” I thought. I was right!  It shot her right in the chest and she fell on top of MY COTTAGE but it was worth it. “Yes! I finally got rid of the little man stealer,” I rejoiced.

Just as that ray of hope started to form into a big smile on my face, Peter came to her rescue AGAIN! He wrapped his flawless arms around her body and used his magical powers of healing to make her wound disappear. These powers look as if rays of the sun had a shiny spotlight just on them and everything else was pitch black.

Once Wendy was all healed, Peter set her in HIS COTTAGE and came out.

“Who shot that arrow? For whoever did will be banished to the villains’ dungeon!” Peter yelled.

(Everyone pointed to Ron.)

“Ron, was that you?” Peter questioned.”

“It was a command by Tink,” he explained.

“Tink, did you tell him that?” he asked sternly.

“Maybe I did, but it was a treat watching her suffer. She always tries to steal you away from me!” I ranted.

“She will never replace what we have. But that act was out of evilness and you know what we do to evil people,” he reminded me.

“No, no, no, I don’t deserve the dungeon! I can do better. I can grow to like her. Please Peter, I can change,” I pleaded.

Peter could not be convinced otherwise.  Once he saw the bad in a person, they could never be forgiven.

So I rotted in the cold dark dungeon for months while Peter and his new “girlfriend” fell in love.  I had to deal with the horrible Captain Hook and his crew of dumbos.

Once Hook cut off an alligator’s claw and attached it to his own hand. He also told me stories about what Never Land was before.

“Before Peter came along I was the ruler of the Lost Boys and I taught them how to hunt alligators and fairies just like you,” Hook explained.

While the time went by, I got to know the crew and we all became great friends because we shared about our dark sides. This really made me reflect on how nasty and horrible Wendy is. I mean he is MY man! One night we were playing a game of truth or dare and they dared me to change my name to Pirate Tink. I then became part of the crew. We came up with this killer three step revenge plan and put it into action.

Step one, escape. We all gathered our leftover pixie dust and put it into a bag. Then, we poured it all over the door and we were free. Step two, sneak onto Hook’s ship. They all ducked and rolled while I dressed in camo and flew right past. Step three, kidnap Wendy. That was the fun part for me. I tied her up, taped her mouth shut, and dragged her by her “no good” ratty ponytail.

When Peter woke up, he searched everywhere for Wendy and all he found was some pixie dust residue and strands of her hair. He knew what had happened right away so he flew to the dungeon and saw the empty cell.

“I think I see a shadow, oh wait is that Peter?” Hook asked.

“Yes, now get down. This is what we have been waiting for,” I whispered.

Peter flew on the boat unnoticed because he used his invisibility powers. Then, I suddenly felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and we all heard a creak in the board. We turned around and BAM! Everyone falls asleep.

“Wait! I am not asleep. Am I in heaven? Am I even in my own body? What is going on?” I thought.

“Hey Tink, this is not a dream. Why did you betray me like this over jealousy?” Peter asked.

“What are you talking about? I am just overprotective,” I clarified.

“No, I know what was going on because I felt the same way about you. Wendy was just a friend. You were the one I wanted,” he confessed.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, well I did until I saw how evil you really were and you know that I cannot love evil!” he exclaimed.

So, out of hate and disappointment he flicked me into the freezing cold ocean.  You might think that I would have drowned but that is not the case. Once Hook and all the crew members were gathered up and thrown back in jail, I rose from the water with one broken crystal wing, cracked teeth and BAD HAIR! I was madder than ever. I was out for blood.

I hear this swishing in the water over and over and it gets closer and closer. Oh, it’s a mermaid…duh. Wait, no, it’s not a mermaid, it’s a siren. I need to fly away fast! Wait, broken wing I thought to myself.  Then, out from the water pops a scaly, veiny, sharp-toothed mermaid creature.

“Hi, I am Mira. I saw what happened with you and that handsome fruitcake.”

“Oh, my gosh! I did not see you there. Hi Mira, I don’t think we have met. I am Tinker Bell,” I said nervously.

“Well, now we have.  Let’s talk about what just happened, girlfriend. I know you just didn’t get rejected by Peter,” Mira remarked.

“Well, what happened was this girl “Wendy” came along and stole him from me and to try to get him back, I tried to kill her… multiple times. Apparently, that is super evil, so Peter banished me and now I want revenge on him and that little do-do head,” I muttered angrily.

“My calendar is always free for some revenge. Let’s do it!” she agreed.

So, we did it.  We got revenge on those goodie two shoes and let’s just say it felt great to finally finish off Wendy. Guess she won’t make it to school tomorrow.


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Peter Pan Retelling